Once you have a fire safety plan in place, drills have been conducted and occupants are educated on the process of what to do in an emergency evacuation.  The next thing property manager’s, owners may overlook most often is the maintenance of equipment within the building.   

The fire code requires regular fire equipment inspections.  Inspections ensure that standards are being met.  It is required by law and why not take the necessary steps.  For an owner he/she will be thinking costs and way too much money lets wait.  Waiting and waiting and not getting in inspected is just not the right thing to do.  Plus, if an emergency occurs and equipment is not in operational order you will be costing lives.  Then the amount to repair, the violation orders you will receive.  Therefore, its so important to perform inspections on the following equipment. 

  • Sprinkler systems 
  • Fire extinguishers 
  • Emergency lighting and exit signs 
  • Fire Alarm 
  • Fire Hose 
  • Back flow preventors 
  • Fire Pumps 
  • Fire Hydrants 
  • Generators 
  • Kitchen Hood Inspections 

Why Fire Inspections are so Important:  When an institution or organization’s building catches fire, it often results in injury, damage to building, and lost trust from clientele.  Putting in place a fire preparedness plan and prevention program can be the key in helping save a like, minimize injury and damages of a fire.  Most often people take things to lightly and it will never happen to them but why not do the right thing.  Be prepared with a fire safety plan.  This is where can assist.  Providing assistance with your fire safety plans, emergency preparedness plans and maintenance inspections.  We don’t take chances, and neither should you.  Provide safety and assurance to your occupants, workers, staff members. 

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The link from the Ministry of Solicitor General on fire inspections.   

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